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Jaw Reduction

Jaw reduction involves the use of Botox® injections to correct a protruding jawline, square jaw, or other jaw issues that contribute to an asymmetrical facial appearance. Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs jaw reduction to improve facial balance. In doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh helps jaw reduction patients achieve a harmonious, natural-looking facial appearance.

What Is Jaw Reduction?

Jaw reduction, also referred to as masseter reduction, is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure frequently performed on women. During a jaw reduction procedure, Botox® is injected into the masseter muscle, which connects the lower jawbone to the cheekbone. Botox® is used to reduce masseter muscle activity that otherwise can cause a square face. The injectable prescription also shrinks the masseter muscle and reduces jaw discomfort.

A masseter reduction procedure is used to restore facial balance. It ensures that the jaw complements the cheeks, chin, and other facial features.

Additionally, masseter reduction is a non-surgical procedure. Jaw reduction requires no anesthesia or incisions, and there is no downtime after treatment.

Jaw Reduction Benefits

With jaw reduction, women can correct a V-shaped chin and achieve a feminine facial appearance. Other benefits of masseter reduction include:

  • Fast Treatment: A masseter reduction procedure can be completed in minutes.
  • Minimal Risk: Jaw reduction does not require patients to go under the knife, and there are fewer risks associated with masseter reduction in comparison to surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.
  • Proven Results: Masseter reduction results typically last several months after treatment.

Dr. Azizzadeh explores the benefits of jaw reduction during an initial patient consultation. He also determines if a patient is a good candidate for masseter reduction or other facial rejuvenation treatments at this time.

Are You a Good Candidate for Jaw Reduction?

The ideal candidate for jaw reduction usually displays one or more of the following cosmetic issues:

  • Protruding jawline
  • Square jaw
  • Large masseter muscle

Patients who experience pain caused by clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth may also be good candidates for jaw reduction.

How Is Jaw Reduction Performed?

Jaw reduction generally requires about 30 minutes to complete. Before treatment, Dr. Azizzadeh determines the precise amount of Botox to use and where it should be injected into the jaw. Dr. Azizzadeh may also recommend Botox injections into other areas of the face, depending on the patient and their facial rejuvenation treatment goals.

During a jaw reduction procedure, Dr. Azizzadeh injects Botox into a patient’s masseter muscle. Botox relaxes the masseter muscle, limits muscle movement, and reduces jaw discomfort.

The side effects of jaw reduction include headache, nausea, and facial muscle weakness. These side effects are usually temporary and disappear on their own shortly after treatment.

Patients often achieve the full results of masseter reduction within two weeks of treatment. At this time, a patient’s face may look slimmer, and their jaw may have a V-shape.

The results of jaw reduction may last up to six months. Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments to monitor his patient’s progress after a masseter reduction. He can also perform follow-up Botox treatments at regular intervals.

Schedule a Jaw Reduction Treatment Consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh

Dr. Azizzadeh is available to discuss jaw reduction and determine if a patient qualifies for this non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment. To learn more or to schedule a treatment consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us today at 310-657-2203.

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