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Revision Facelift

A revision facelift is a surgical procedure used to correct the results of a prior unsatisfactory facelift. If a past facelift procedure failed to help a patient achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance, a revision facelift allows this individual to accomplish his or her desired facial rejuvenation treatment results.

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with unprecedented facelift expertise. In addition to having dual board certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery (otolaryngology), Dr. Azizzadeh is Harvard-trained and internationally recognized for his facial nerve expertise. He takes a holistic approach to revision facelift surgery and other facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries, and in doing so, consistently helps patients revitalize their facial appearance.

Revision Facelift Before & After Photos

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Revision Facelift

Revision Facelift

Revision Facelift

Revision Facelift

Revision Facelift

What is a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that helps patients who previously experienced under- or over-treated facelift results.

The goal of a facelift procedure is to help a patient reduce the visible signs of aging in the face and enjoy a harmonious facial appearance. Yet under-treated facelift surgery causes facial skin to droop, leading to jowls, loose neck skin and wrinkles. In other instances, over-treated facelift surgery causes the facial skin to tighten – something that makes the face appear hollow. Additionally, under- and over-treated facelift surgeries sometimes cause scarring and other facial issues, resulting in an unnatural facial appearance.

Revision facelift surgery is a complex procedure and must be performed by an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Azizzadeh is a top-rated Los Angeles revision facelift surgeon with comprehensive facial plastic and reconstructive surgery expertise. He is happy to meet with a revision facelift candidate and help him or her determine the best course of action to correct the results of a past facelift.

Why Would I Need a Facelift Revision?

If a patient is unhappy with the results of his or her facelift surgery, a revision facelift is available. By undergoing a revision facelift, an individual can treat visible signs of aging in the face that were not addressed during a prior facelift. In fact, a revision facelift enables a patient to correct frown lines, wrinkles and other common signs of aging in the face, resulting in a natural-looking facial appearance.

Alternatively, a patient may require a revision facelift to “touch up” their results ten or more years after their primary facelift. While a facelift reverses the signs of aging, in the years following a facelift, the face will continue to age. After ten or more years, many facelift patients opt to have a revision facelift to freshen up their appearance.

A revision facelift is a major surgical procedure, and Dr. Azizzadeh works with a patient to help him or her make an informed treatment decision. Dr. Azizzadeh explains the revision facelift surgery process, along with the treatment’s recovery timeline. He also conducts an in-depth patient evaluation and provides detailed postoperative revision facelift surgery instructions. Dr. Azizzadeh even consults with a patient in the weeks and months after a revision facelift to ensure he or she can achieve the optimal results.

Benefits of Revision Facelift Surgery

Revision facelift benefits include:

  • Improved Facial Contours: Restores youthful contours in the face.
  • Enhanced Facial Shape: Removes excess fat and skin on the neck and face.
  • Rejuvenated Facial Appearance: Tightens the facial muscles and eliminates fold lines between the nose and mouth.

Thanks to the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, individuals can receive extensive revision facelift support. Dr. Azizzadeh teaches patients about revision facelift surgery and responds to their treatment concerns and questions. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh crafts a custom revision facelift surgery plan for each patient. With this plan in place, Dr. Azizzadeh and his patient can get the best-possible results from revision facelift surgery.

Am I a Candidate for Revision Facelift Surgery?

Dr. Azizzadeh conducts a revision facelift patient evaluation prior to treatment. During the evaluation, Dr. Azizzadeh learns about a patient and finds out why he or she is considering a revision facelift. He also reviews a patient’s medical history.

If Dr. Azizzadeh believes revision facelift surgery is the best treatment option, he then creates a personalized treatment plan for his patient. Or, if Dr. Azizzadeh believes the potential risks of revision facelift surgery outweigh the procedure’s benefits, he offers alternative treatment options

How Will I Know If I Need a Facelift Revision?

Revision facelift patients may display one or more of the following visible signs of aging in the face:

  • Facial expression lines
  • Volume loss
  • Skin that is too tight or too loose
  • Asymmetrical facial appearance

Dr. Azizzadeh sees the face as a continuum, and he recognizes that changes to one area of the face can impact facial harmony. As such, Dr. Azizzadeh offers revision facelift surgery to simultaneously treat common signs of aging in the face and help patients achieve facial harmony.

What Is the Recovery Process for a Revision Facelift?

Revision facelift recovery is similar to the recovery process associated with a traditional facelift procedure. Revision facelift patients typically do not require a hospital stay immediately after surgery, but they need to rest and avoid strenuous activity for the first few weeks following treatment.

The initial revision facelift recovery often requires several weeks to complete. At this point, a patient may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Ear numbness
  • Facial tightness
  • Facial muscle weakness

Scar tissue from an initial facelift sometimes causes swelling to take longer to disappear following revision facelift surgery.

Revision facelift patients can usually return to work and other everyday activities within about two weeks of surgery. They also can return to a regular exercise routine roughly three weeks following treatment.

The full results of a revision facelift generally become visible within 12 months of treatment. Dr. Azizzadeh wants revision facelift patients to achieve long-lasting treatment results. He monitors his patients’ progress throughout the recovery cycle and requests follow-up appointments in Beverly Hills or via Skype.

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