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Rhinoplasty Risks and Safety



What Are the Common Risks of Rhinoplasty?

Like any surgery, there are risks associated with nose jobs. Common rhinoplasty risks include:

  • Allergic response to anesthesia (provided prior to nose surgery)
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Skin numbness
  • Pain
  • Nasal septal perforation
  • Trouble breathing
  • Skin discoloration
  • Swelling

In addition to these symptoms, some patients may be dissatisfied with the results of an initial rhinoplasty procedure. However, these patients could qualify for revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct the results of a past nose job.

Are Rhinoplasty Complications Preventable?

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery, and it must be completed by an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. By working with globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, patients can limit rhinoplasty risks.

Rhinoplasty risks can be significant, particularly for a patient who pursues a nose job from a surgeon who lacks comprehensive nose surgery expertise. Dr. Azizzadeh is Harvard-trained and dual board-certified in head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. His distinct expertise and industry experience has helped him become a leading rhinoplasty surgeon.

How Should I Prepare for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Azizzadeh outlines rhinoplasty risks to his patients before treatment. He also responds to any patient concerns or questions about rhinoplasty complications, as well as describes the entire surgery process. With this approach, Dr. Azizzadeh ensures that his patient understands all nose job risks and can make an informed decision about rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty safety is a top priority, and Dr. Azizzadeh often asks a patient to do the following to prepare for nose surgery:

  • Complete a lab test
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and/or herbal supplements; this is recommended if Dr. Azizzadeh believes various medications could increase a patient’s risk of bleeding after rhinoplasty surgery

Dr. Azizzadeh also crafts a custom nose job treatment plan for his patient. The plan accounts for nose job safety and is designed to help a patient achieve a functional, natural-looking nose that complements his or her facial features.

Is Nose Surgery Safe?

Rhinoplasty surgery should only be recommended if it can be performed safely. Therefore, Dr. Azizzadeh conducts an in-depth patient evaluation before he recommends nose surgery to a patient. This evaluation allows Dr. Azizzadeh to learn about a patient and explain the benefits and risks of nose surgery to this individual. It also allows Dr. Azizzadeh to assess a patient’s medical history and identify any potential nose surgery risks.

Dr. Azizzadeh sometimes believes the potential risks of nose surgery outweigh the treatment’s potential benefits. In these cases, Dr. Azizzadeh offers alternative facial rejuvenation treatment options. For example, facial fillers offer nonsurgical alternatives to rhinoplasty surgery, and they are frequently used to help patients enhance the facial appearance.

If a patient qualifies for nose surgery, a personalized treatment plan is developed. The plan is explained to the patient, and Dr. Azizzadeh and the patient work together to ensure it is successful.

Dr. Azizzadeh provides post-operative information to help a patient limit risk in the initial days and week after nose surgery. He offers detailed instructions to help a rhinoplasty patient manage pain following surgery.

Also, Dr. Azizzadeh monitors a rhinoplasty patient’s progress after surgery. The final results of a rhinoplasty often become visible within two years of treatment, and Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments to ensure that his patient’s recovery stays on track.

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Rhinoplasty is unlike any other facial rejuvenation procedure, and only a highly trained and skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon can safely perform the procedure. By partnering with Dr. Azizzadeh, an individual can find out if he or she is a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh explains rhinoplasty risks, enabling a patient to decide if nose surgery is the right option based on his or her facial rejuvenation treatment goals.

Dr. Azizzadeh is available to discuss rhinoplasty surgery and the benefits and risks associated with treatment. To schedule a free nose surgery treatment consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us today at 310-657-2203.

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