Dr. Azizzadeh’s Revolutionary Facial Paralysis Procedure

A smile is something that we often take for granted. It’s a universal symbol for happiness and is used to express numerous emotions such as joy and pride. We also use our smiles to exhibit laughter and humor. Interactions that involve giving and receiving a smile all contribute towards self-esteem in a very important way. People who suffer with facial paralysis usually have trouble using their smile muscles in a normally which presents both physical and emotional challenges. Beverly Hills facial paralysis surgery expert, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is dedicated to helping patients with varying forms of facial paralysis and has successfully helped countless children and adults regain their smile. Dr. Azizzadeh completed his fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Harvard University. He received extensive training in microsurgical facial reconstruction which is often required to treat patients who were born with facial paralysis. Dr. Azizzadeh is the founder of The Facial Paralysis Foundation which is an organization that offers support and information for people who have facial paralysis. Dr. Azizzadeh has established himself as a pioneer in the field of facial nerve paralysis and has become world renowned for his expertise. He has been recognized for his work on several occasions and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and countless other media outlets. Most recently, Dr. Azizzadeh has been asked to host the International Facial Nerve Symposium in Los Angeles in 2017 which is considered to be the highest honor in his field. Dr. Azizzadeh’s training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as head and neck surgery give him a unique insight into both the aesthetics of the face and the function of the facial nerve.

What is Facial Paralysis?

People are commonly unfamiliar with facial paralysis unless they have a family member or friend that has been affected by it. Facial paralysis is considered to be a condition where the patient is suffering from either temporary or permanent loss of facial muscle control on at least one side of their face. Facial paralysis can be caused many different factors including trauma, tumors, strokes, and most commonly Bell’s Palsy. Depending on the type of facial paralysis a patient has, Dr. Azizzadeh and his team at The Facial Paralysis Institute have a variety of treatment options available. Patients usually get the best result when combining different kinds of treatment including surgery, Botox injections, and facial physical therapy.

Revolutionary Treatment: Masseter to Facial Nerve Transfer

When patients come to see Dr. Azizzadeh for facial paralysis there are many different surgical and non-surgical options to consider. Dr. Azizzadeh spends time examining and getting to know every patient in order to create a completely customized treatment plan. For patients who are good candidates and are suffering with permanent facial paralysis, the Masseter to Facial Nerve Transfer is something that Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend. This is a cutting-edge surgical procedure that has a very high success rate for helping patients regain facial movement on the paralyzed side of their face. During a Masseter for Facial Nerve Transfer, Dr. Azizzadeh makes an incision in the front of the patient’s ear in order to identify the facial and masseteric nerves. The two nerves are sewn together using microscopic magnification. The masseteric nerve helps provide neural input into the paralyzed facial nerve which helps to restore facial movement and the ability to smile. 6-7 months after the procedure the paralyzed side of the face should regain function and start to resemble the unaffected side. The strength and control of the patients reconstructed smile will improve over the next few years, and can be improved through facial physical therapy.

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Facial paralysis can be devastating to live with. If you or a loved one is considering treatment to improve the effects of facial paralysis, call The Facial Paralysis Institute to schedule a consultation with world renowned physician Dr. Babak Azizzadeh.

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