Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty

A fleshy nose rhinoplasty refers to nose surgery performed on a nose that has thick skin with open holes in the skin. With this procedure, a patient’s fleshy nose tip is raised, and the nose cartilage is strengthened.

What Is a Fleshy Nose?

A fleshy nose usually features cartilage that is weak, and it is common in men. In addition, a fleshy nose often features a fleshy nose tip that is turned downward, along with a wing of the nose (alae) that is typically open and thick.

How Does a Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty Compare to Other Types of Nose Surgery?

In the past, a fleshy nose rhinoplasty frequently involved the removal of nose cartilage. Yet this sometimes led to dents and scarring in the skin and made it virtually impossible for a patient to achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance. Now, with a fleshy nose rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a patient can enhance his or her facial appearance and enjoy a nose that complements the facial features.

Dr. Azizzadeh is world-renowned for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery expertise, and he tailors a fleshy nose rhinoplasty procedure to his patient. He first reviews a patient’s nose and explores how the nose corresponds to the eyes, cheeks, chin and other facial features. Next, Dr. Azizzadeh determines if a fleshy nose rhinoplasty or another type of nose surgery is necessary to help a patient revitalize the facial appearance.

If a patient qualifies for a fleshy nose rhinoplasty, Dr. Azizzadeh crafts a personalized treatment plan. Or, if he believes a patient would benefit from other facial rejuvenation procedures, he offers insights into these treatments. In doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh helps a patient understand all available facial rejuvenation treatment options.

Do You Qualify for Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery?

An individual who is dealing with a fleshy nose or fleshy nose tip may qualify for a fleshy nose rhinoplasty. To verify a patient’s eligibility for a fleshy nose rhinoplasty, Dr. Azizzadeh requests a consultation.

A patient consultation offers a valuable experience, particularly for an individual who wants to learn as much as possible about fleshy nose rhinoplasty surgery and other facial rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Azizzadeh uses the consultation to assess a patient’s nose and facial features, as well as his or her medical history. He then determines if a patient is eligible for a fleshy nose rhinoplasty or other facial rejuvenation procedures and offers personalized recommendations.

During a fleshy nose rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, a patient is encouraged to ask questions. Dr. Azizzadeh wants to teach a patient about all aspects of fleshy nose surgery and offers insights into the procedure and its recovery process. He also helps a patient plan ahead for a fleshy nose tip procedure and ensures that this individual knows what to expect on the day of surgery.

Is a Fleshy Nose Job Right for You?

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