Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

An osteotomy rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure in which a patient’s nose is “broken” via an osteotome, a tool that cuts through bone. Osteotomy nose jobs require precision and accuracy, and as such, must be performed by an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Babak Azizzadeh.

Dr. Azizzadeh is globally recognized for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery expertise, and he devotes significant time and resources to perform an osteotomy rhinoplasty. In doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh offers osteotomy nose jobs that simultaneously help patients correct functional issues of the nose and improve facial symmetry.

What Is an Osteotomy Rhinoplasty?

An osteotomy nose job involves breaking a patient’s nose via osteotome, but the procedure is carefully performed to ensure that the patient can achieve the best results.

Like a traditional rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh tailors an osteotomy nose job to his patient. He learns about a patient and determines if the patient is a good candidate for an osteotomy nose surgery. Next, Dr. Azizzadeh crafts a personalized osteotomy nose job treatment plan to accommodate his patient’s surgery goals.

How Does an Osteotomy Nose Job Differ from a Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Whereas a traditional rhinoplasty surgery involves reshaping or resizing the nose, an osteotomy nose job involves changing the position of the nasal bones.

An osteotomy nose job may be recommended if a patient is dealing with a crooked nose or a nasal fracture or other nose trauma. The procedure can also be used to treat a large nasal hump that otherwise makes the nose appear wider when viewed from the front.

Dr. Azizzadeh helps a patient determine if a traditional rhinoplasty or an osteotomy nose job is the best treatment option. Regardless of which nose surgery that his patients pursue, he works diligently to help a patient achieve a functional, cosmetically appealing nose.

What Types of Osteotomy Nose Jobs Are Available?

Dr. Azizzadeh offers several types of osteotomy nose job surgeries, including:

  • External Osteotomy Rhinoplasty:May help reduce the risk of lateral wall collapse and airway compromise.
  • Medial Osteotomy Rhinoplasty:May be used to reduce the appearance of a dorsal hump, narrow the nose, and correct various aesthetic nasal deformities.
  • Reverse Osteotomy Rhinoplasty:Involves widening the nasal bones.
  • Lateral Osteotomy Rhinoplasty:Requires fracturing of a patient’s nasal and maxillary bones to narrow or widen the dorsal bridge and base of the nose.

The ideal rhinoplasty osteotomy technique varies based on the patient. Before an osteotomy nose job is performed, Dr. Azizzadeh explains which technique he will use and responds to his patient’s treatment concerns and questions. That way, a patient knows exactly what to expect during an osteotomy nose surgery and can prepare for treatment recovery.

What to Expect During Osteotomy Rhinoplasty Recovery

The initial recovery time after an osteotomy nose surgery lasts one to two weeks. During this period, a patient can experience swelling and bruising at the treatment site. A patient also receives a splint and bandage for their nose that will stay in place for at least a week. In addition, dressing on a patient’s nose is removed and the nostrils are cleaned approximately one week after an osteotomy nose job.

Patients are encouraged to sleep with the head elevated for at least one week following an osteotomy nose surgery. They should get plenty of rest in the first week after their nose job and avoid strenuous activity for up to six weeks following treatment.

Swelling and bruising may persist for several weeks after an osteotomy rhinoplasty, and nose sensitivity and tenderness tends to disappear within three to six months of treatment.

The full results of an osteotomy may become visible within one to two years after surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh follow-up appointments to track his patient’s progress throughout the recovery process. He also encourages a patient to contact him if they experience any post-surgery complications.

What Are the Risks Associated with an Osteotomy Nose Job?

Osteotomy nose surgery risks include:

  • Infection
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Poor wound healing
  • Hole in the nasal septum
  • Skin discoloration

Dr. Azizzadeh tailors an osteotomy rhinoplasty to his patient. With his comprehensive approach, Dr. Azizzadeh lowers the risk of osteotomy nose surgery complications.

Is an Osteotomy Nose Surgery Right for You?

Undergoing a rhinoplasty is a major decision, and Dr. Azizzadeh helps his patients decide if a nose job is the right choice. Dr. Azizzadeh can teach patients about traditional and osteotomy rhinoplasties and provide them with insights into all aspects of nose surgery. As a result, a patient can gain insights into nose surgery and make an informed treatment decision.

Dr. Azizzadeh is available to discuss traditional and osteotomy nose procedures. To learn more or to schedule a treatment consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us today at 310-657-2203.

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