Rhinoseptoplasty, also called septorhinoplasty, is a form of plastic surgery performed on the external nose and nasal septum. It is a complex surgery that requires realignment of a malformed nasal septum. As such, rhinoseptoplasty can alter the appearance of the nose and impact a person’s facial appearance.

At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh takes a comprehensive approach to rhinoseptoplasty surgery. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all rhinoseptoplasty procedure, and Dr. Azizzadeh tailors each nasal rhinoseptoplasty treatment to his patient. In doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh ensures a patient can enjoy long-lasting rhinoseptoplasty treatment results.

What Is Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoseptoplasty combines a traditional rhinoplasty surgery and septoplasty. A rhinoplasty is generally performed if an individual wants to reshape the nose and improve the facial appearance. Or, a rhinoplasty surgery is completed to enhance the nasal function. Septoplasty is commonly used to address a deviated septum. Although a rhinoplasty or septoplasty is typically performed on its own, a rhinoseptoplasty allows a patient to undergo both treatments at the same time.

With a rhinoseptoplasty, a patient can correct severe deformities of the nose, including those associated with a deviated septum. These deformities can hinder a patient’s ability to breathe through his or her nose, as well as affect the facial appearance.

Who Can Undergo Rhinoseptoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoseptoplasty surgery is sometimes recommended for patients coping with an aesthetic deformity of the nose and a deviated nasal septum. A patient must be dealing with both of the aforementioned issues to qualify for rhinoseptoplasty; otherwise, he or she could qualify for a rhinoplasty or septoplasty.

As a Harvard-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive head and neck surgery expertise, Dr. Azizzadeh wants each patient to receive a safe, effective treatment. To find out if a patient is a good candidate for a rhinoseptoplasty, Dr. Azizzadeh conducts an evaluation. This allows Dr. Azizzadeh to learn about a patient and his or her medical history, along with assess his or her nose and other facial features.

Each consultation is a learning experience for Dr. Azizzadeh and his patient, and together, both parties determine the best course of action to treat nasal deformities. If Dr. Azizzadeh believes a patient is a good candidate for rhinoseptoplasty, he then offers a custom treatment plan. Dr. Azizzadeh also explains all aspects of rhinoseptoplasty surgery, responds to his patient’s treatment concerns and questions and offers insights into the recovery process. Comparatively, if the potential risks of a rhinoseptoplasty outweigh the potential rewards of treatment, Dr. Azizzadeh offers alternative treatment options.

How Is a Rhinoseptoplasty Performed?

A rhinoseptoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, a patient’s nasal septum and external nose skeleton are reshaped. Surgical incisions are made, but the location of these incisions varies based on whether an open or closed surgical technique is used. Regardless of how surgical incisions are completed, Dr. Azizzadeh does everything possible to limit the risk of scarring after rhinoseptoplasty surgery.

Once the nasal septum and external nose skeleton are reshaped, nasal splints are attached to the nasal septum. The splints help stabilize the nose for the first few days after surgery. An external splint is also placed on the nose.

Rhinoseptoplasty surgery usually requires one to three hours to complete. A rhinoseptoplasty patient is closely monitored in the initial hours following surgery, and Dr. Azizzadeh provides instructions to help a patient fully recover after treatment. Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments to ensure a rhinoseptoplasty patient’s recovery stays on track in the weeks and months following surgery.

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