Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty

A bulbous nose causes the tip of the nose to look too round or too wide. Thanks to bulbous nose rhinoplasty, a patient can address this problem.

What is a Bulbous Nose Tip?

A bulbous nose tip appears larger than an average nose tip due to excessive cartilage or nasal skin. In this instance, the nasal tip appears wide and round, causing the nasal tip to appear out of proportion relative to the eyes, cheeks and other facial features.

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with many years of rhinoplasty surgery experience. He knows how to treat a bulbous nose and performs bulbous nose rhinoplasty surgery tailored to each of his patients. In doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh helps his patients correct a bulbous nose tip and achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance.

How Does Dr. Azizzadeh Treat a Bulbous Nose?

During a bulbous nose rhinoplasty, Dr. Azizzadeh redefines and reconfigures small edges of the nasal cartilage. This results in a natural-looking nasal tip. Also, if a patient is dealing with thick nasal tip skin, Dr. Azizzadeh uses rhinoplasty surgery to remove excess skin.

Bulbous Nose Tip Rhinoplasty Recovery

Initial bulbous nose tip rhinoplasty recovery typically takes seven to ten days. A patient will experience swelling after bulbous nose tip surgery, and he or she should keep the head elevated as much as possible during this period. Swelling usually starts to disappear within about three to four weeks of bulbous nose tip surgery, with full results of surgery becoming transparent about one year after treatment.

Patients can generally resume strenuous activities approximately six weeks after a bulbous nose tip rhinoplasty. They can typically return to all other activities within six to twelve weeks after a bulbous nose rhinoplasty.

Dr. Azizzadeh offers bulbous nose surgery recovery guidelines. He monitors a patient’s progress after a bulbous nose tip procedure to ensure his or her recovery stays on track. Dr. Azizzadeh is also available to respond to a patient’s concerns or questions throughout the bulbous nose tip surgery recovery process.

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