Summer Skincare Secrets

Summer is the time for long, sun-filled days and tan skin. Before you pack your beach bag and head to the coast, there are a few factors to consider in terms of caring for your skin throughout this season. Gone are the days of tanning beds, and baking in the sun. The latest beauty trend in getting summer-ready skin is educating yourself on products that will help you achieve a golden glow in a responsible way. At The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the heart of Beverly Hills, leading specialist Dr. Azizzadeh creates a customized treatment plan for each of his patients looking to rejuvenate their skin and protect it from summer’s harsh elements. Dr. Azizzadeh is the author of five bestselling books including the popular consumer guidebook Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets. He has been featured in the media on Entertainment Tonight, The Doctors, LA Times and NY Times. He is internationally renowned as a leader in the field of facial rejuvenation.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Sun protection is crucial when trying to maintain healthy skin throughout the summer. A hat or umbrella aren’t enough to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Skin damage begins after only 2 or 3 minutes of sun exposure. The two main structural proteins of the skin, collagen and elastin, start to break down, which is what creates wrinkles. Don’t worry, your skin has the amazing ability to heal itself, but prolonged sun exposure can lead to permanent damage. One way to combat the aging process caused by the sun is wearing sunscreen all 365 days of the year. It’s especially important to apply daily sunscreen during the summer months, when the sun is the strongest. Dr. Azizzadeh recommends using either TiZo or Elta Md to provide the daily protection that your skin needs. For those of us who live in sunny Los Angeles, making sunscreen application a part of your daily morning skincare routine is the best way to protect your skin!

Choosing the Right Summer Skincare Products

At The CENTER for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the heart of Beverly Hills, Dr. Azizzadeh recommends for patients to use the ZO Medical product line. While this skincare line has an extensive variety of products, it’s important to trust your face to an expert who can select the right products for you. Although products containing a retinol are fabulous for overall facial rejuvenation and anti-aging, they can actually make your skin more sensitive to the negative effects of the sun. It’s best to adopt a non-hydroquinone regimen for summer to avoid developing hyperpigmentation. Dr. Azizzadeh often recommends substituting retinol products with ZO Brightenex and ZO C-Bright. Brightenex safely helps treat hyperpigmentation and works to even skin tone and color. C-Bright offers your skin a mega dose of vitamin c that is formulated and stabilized to help brighten and re-texture the skin. The best part is that both of these products are completely safe to use all summer long.

How to fix sun damaged skin

Dr. Azizzadeh, uses the state of the art Dot Deka laser treatments to correct skin that has already been sun damaged. The Dot Deka Laser uses cutting edge technology to offer patients a completely customizable laser experience. This is important because each patient’s skin damage is unique. Dr. Azizzadeh can tailor each treatment by selecting the ablation depth and the thermal coagulation zone. This treatment works to correct hyperpigmentation and mellasma that can be caused by sun exposure.

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