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Nasal Fractures

A nasal fracture occurs due to trauma and facial injury. It may affect both the cartilage and bones of the nose. Also, a nasal fracture sometimes causes a septal hematoma (collection of blood that forms near the wall between the nostrils).

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles is a nasal fracture repair expert. He is double board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery). Dr. Azizzadeh’s unique expertise has helped him become a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is capable of performing safe, effective nasal fracture repair procedures.

What Is a Nasal Fracture?

Nasal fractures commonly impact individuals who participate in contact sports like football, basketball or lacrosse, and many nasal fractures occur in conjunction with trauma or injury due to accidents. A nasal fracture may refer to a break in the bones or cartilage over the bridge of the nose or damage to the nasal septum.

A nasal fracture and a broken nose are not identical. Whereas a nasal fracture causes the nose to appear visibly crooked, a broken nose occurs when any of the nasal bones are broken.

If an individual suffers any damage to the nose, it is important for him or her to seek immediate medical treatment. Within a few hours of a nose injury, an individual should meet with a doctor to make sure that he or she does not have a septal hematoma – something that may cause necrosis (death of body tissue). Additionally, immediate diagnosis and treatment of a nose injury ensures an individual can identify potential leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a clear liquid that fills and surrounds the brain and the spinal cord and provides a mechanical barrier against shock.

How to Treat a Nasal Fracture

Nasal fracture treatment often involves the use of a splint and realignment of the nose. In rare instances, a nasal fracture may be associated with an injury to the eye or brain, and as such, requires careful evaluation.

Am I a Candidate for Nasal Fracture Repair?

Dr. Azizzadeh takes a holistic approach to determine the best treatment for nasal fractures. He meets with a patient, evaluates his or her condition and studies this individual’s facial features closely. Dr. Azizzadeh’s goal is to repair a nasal fracture and ensure that a patient’s nose is natural-looking and functional. He performs a comprehensive patient assessment to provide a personalized nasal fracture treatment recommendation.

If a patient has questions about nasal fracture repair, Dr. Azizzadeh can respond to them. Dr. Azizzadeh strives to educate and inform patients about all available treatments and addresses each patient’s nasal fracture concerns prior to treatment.

What To Do if You Have a Nasal Fracture

After a nasal fracture, the nose needs to settle between 5-7 days after the trauma. Routinely apply ice on and off for 72 hours then apply heat for bruising. After that a week, if the nose is still crooked because of bone displacement, then they are likely a good candidate for a nose fracture repair. This is typically done within 2 weeks. If cartilage has been dislodged (upper lateral cartilage is the most commonly dislodged), that cannot be repaired until 3-4 months later.

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