Microneedling at Home: Is It Safe?

Microneedling at Home: Is It Safe?

Microneedling, also referred to as collagen induction therapy, is a facial rejuvenation procedure used to treat facial lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging. The procedure also helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, leading to a revitalized facial appearance.

For those who are considering microneedling, multiple options are available, including at-home treatment. Questions persist about the safety of microneedling at home, and they must be considered before the treatment is performed.

Ultimately, to achieve the best results from collagen induction therapy, it is paramount to partner with an expert facial plastic surgeon. To understand why this is the case, let’s consider microneedling and the dangers associated with it.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a facial rejuvenation treatment that involves the insertion of tiny needles into the skin. The needles create micro-perforations in the skin’s top layers. This stimulates collagen and elastin growth to improve the skin’s appearance.

How Can Microneedling Be Used to Improve the Skin’s Appearance?

Microneedling can be used to treat many facial skin issues, including:

  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles

In addition, microneedling can be performed on all types of skin. It can also be used to enhance the appearance of skin around the mouth, eyes, and neck.

Can Anyone Perform Microneedling?

Anyone can administer microneedling. But, the effectiveness of treatment depends on who performs it. To achieve the full results of microneedling, the treatment must be performed by an expert. This ensures that microneedling can be administered safely.

What Is At-Home Microneedling?

With at-home microneedling, people can rejuvenate the facial appearance without help from a facial plastic surgeon. An at-home microneedling kit usually includes needles, a roller, and other equipment. It also provides instructions that users can follow to perform microneedling on themselves or others.

How Much Does an At-Home Microneedling Kit Cost?

At-home microneedling tends to be more economical than undergoing treatment from a facial plastic surgeon. On average, an at-home microneedling kit can cost anywhere from $20 to $150. Microneedle facial rollers are available for as low as $10.

Why Do People Choose At-Home Microneedling?

There are many reasons why people choose at-home microneedling in lieu of working with a facial plastic surgeon, including:

1. Convenience

Typically, a facial plastic surgeon performs an evaluation to determine if a patient qualifies for microneedling or other facial rejuvenation treatments. The surgeon then offers a custom treatment plan to ensure the patient can safely achieve their desired facial rejuvenation treatment results.

On the other hand, microneedling kits are readily available, and they include instructions that explain how to perform the treatment. As such, anyone can purchase a microneedling kit and complete the facial rejuvenation treatment on their own.

2. Affordability

Since microneedling is considered a cosmetic treatment, the procedure is not covered by insurance. Thus, people who want to undergo microneedling performed by a facial plastic surgeon will need to pay for the procedure out of pocket. Additionally, patients who undergo collagen induction therapy may require multiple treatment sessions, which can increase its overall cost.

Comparatively, the only cost associated with at-home microneedling involves the purchase of a microneedling kit. In some instances, people may purchase facial serums they can use in combination with at-home microneedling, too.

3. Efficiency

A facial plastic surgeon may request several follow-up appointments after an initial microneedling session. The surgeon uses these appointments to evaluate their patient and determine if additional sessions are required. Also, the surgeon may recommend laser skin resurfacing or other facial rejuvenation treatments if microneedling did not deliver the patient’s desired results.

What Are the Benefits of At-Home Microneedling?

At-home microneedling can be performed quickly and has no downtime. It is minimally invasive, and people can resume their everyday activities after their procedure. Plus, people may start to notice their facial skin is firmer and brighter immediately following treatment.

The reasons why people microneedle at home are clear. Yet, in order to optimize the results of at-home microneedling, the treatment must be performed correctly.

How to Microneedle at Home

To microneedle at home, the skin must first be prepared accordingly. A microneedle roller is also required, and the skin must be cleansed to remove any germs across the treatment area. Next, the roller can be used across different sections of the face; the roller should be used for approximately 15 seconds in each section, and it can be moved in all directions on the face.

People may experience minor discomfort after an at-home microneedling treatment. They may also apply moisturizers and other face serums to help maximize the results of microneedling.

After an at-home microneedling treatment, it is crucial to clean the microneedling roller. To do so, sanitizer should be applied to the microneedles; the microneedles must be fully sanitized, sterilized, and air-dried before they can be used safely once again.

What to Expect After Microneedling at Home

Side effects can occur after microneedling at home, even if the procedure was performed correctly. These side effects can include:

  • Dry skin
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Microneedling at home side effects can last for at least a few days. If the symptoms persist for several weeks or worsen over time, consult with a doctor.

Following microneedling, it is paramount to protect the skin against prolonged sun exposure. People should wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and other accessories to limit the risk of sun-damaged skin.

When Will the Results of At-Home Microneedling Become Visible?

At-home microneedling results can become visible as early as two weeks after treatment. At this point, the facial skin may start to appear more youthful and vibrant.

There is no guarantee that a single at-home microneedling treatment will deliver the intended results. It can take a few treatments before people begin to see facial skin improvement.

Does At-Home Microneedling Work?

Microneedling at home results vary, but those who perform the procedure correctly may notice instant improvements in their facial appearance.

At-home microneedling can enhance skin tone and texture and minimize the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It can also treat loose facial skin, brown spots, and other skin issues.

The effectiveness of at-home microneedling depends on how frequently treatment sessions are performed as well. Furthermore, if at-home microneedling is not performed properly, patients are unlikely to achieve the full results of treatment — and could inadvertently put their health in danger.

Is Microneedling at Home Safe?

Anyone can microneedle at home, but the risks associated with doing so can be significant. Risks associated with at-home microneedling include:

1. Infection

Microneedling results in microscopic facial skin wounds to drive collagen production that helps improve the facial appearance. At the same time, these wounds make people increasingly prone to infection, particularly for those who do not clean the face prior to treatment.

2. Skin Damage

A facial plastic surgeon understands the proper technique to use during microneedling. Meanwhile, people who perform microneedling at home likely lack facial plastic surgery skills and experience, and they may unknowingly press down on the facial skin too hard during treatment. When this occurs, people can irritate the facial skin and cause skin damage.

3. Medical Complications

Many people qualify for microneedling performed by facial plastic surgery or at home. Conversely, certain individuals may be poor candidates for microneedling due to current or past medical conditions. For example, microneedling is not recommended for pregnant women, due to the fact that the procedure requires the body to use nutrients that support an unborn child’s growth and development. Microneedling is also not recommended for people who are dealing with cardiac abnormalities, collagen vascular diseases, or other severe medical conditions.

Understanding how safe is microneedling at home can be difficult, and it is crucial to take precautions to limit risk during treatment. Otherwise, people put themselves in danger of immediate and long-term health complications following a microneedling procedure.

Questions to Ask About Microneedling at Home

There are many factors to evaluate before choosing to microneedle at home. To help determine if microneedling at home is the best choice, here are five questions to consider:

1. Can Microneedling at Home Help Improve My Facial Appearance?

Microneedling at home offers no guarantees, even for those who purchase a comprehensive microneedling kit. The procedure may be beneficial, but there is no telling if the treatment will deliver the optimal results until it is completed.

2. Is It Safe to Microneedle at Home?

Microneedling at home may seem simple, but there are many risks associated with treatment. But, when microneedling is performed by a facial plastic surgeon, a patient can receive extensive care and support. The surgeon devotes time and resources to develop a personalized microneedling treatment plan for their patient, thereby limiting the risk of complications.

3. Am I Qualified to Microneedle at Home?

For those who are uncertain about their ability to microneedle at home, there is no need to leave anything to chance. By partnering with a facial plastic surgeon who possesses comprehensive microneedling experience, a patient can receive expert treatment.

4. Is Microneedling the Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Option for Me?

Microneedling can deliver great facial rejuvenation results, but it is one of several treatment options available. For those who are considering microneedling and other ways to revitalize their facial appearance, it helps to meet with a facial plastic surgeon. This enables a patient to learn about microneedling and other facial rejuvenation treatment options.

5. Which Option Is Better: to Hire a Facial Plastic Surgery for Microneedling, or to Perform the Procedure at Home?

When it comes to microneedling, it is always better to proceed with caution. By working with a facial plastic surgeon, anyone can receive insights into microneedling and other facial rejuvenation treatments and take steps to revitalize their facial appearance.

Explore Microneedling Treatment Options

Microneedling is a facial rejuvenation treatment options that can be performed virtually anywhere. At-home microneedling is becoming increasingly common, but it cannot match the results of a microneedling treatment performed by Harvard-trained and dual board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Babak Azizzadeh.

Dr. Azizzadeh is Chairman and Director of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. He is globally recognized for his expertise with facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh can teach patients about microneedling and other facial rejuvenation procedures and help them determine the best course of action to improve their facial appearance. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us today at 310-657-2203.

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