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African American Rhinoplasty

African American rhinoplasty, also known as African American nose surgery, addresses the unique facial features of African Americans. It enables an African American individual to reshape the nose become more in balance with his or her other facial features.

What Is an African American Rhinoplasty?

As a subset of primary rhinoplasty, an African American rhinoplasty offers a safe, effective cosmetic nose surgery for African Americans. It allows a person to modify the nose – perhaps the most prominent characteristic of the face – to enhance the facial appearance.

In many instances, an African American rhinoplasty may be performed to ensure the size and shape of the nose complement an individual’s other facial features. Or, an African American nose job may be completed to restore damaged or impeded nasal functions.

It also is important to note that African American nose surgery is complex. Therefore, it is paramount to choose an African American rhinoplasty specialist who possesses comprehensive training and experience. An African American rhinoplasty specialist will study a patient’s facial features, offer surgery recommendations and deliver the best and most natural-looking results.

How Does an African American Nose Job Differ from a Traditional Nose Job?

An African American rhinoplasty may be used to address characteristics that are unique to the African American nose, including:

  • Wide Nasal Ala (Nostrils): An African American nose surgery enables a person to reduce the flare of the nostrils and make them appear smaller.
  • Wide Nasal Tip: With an African American rhinoplasty, an individual can thin and reshape the cartilage in the lower portion or tip of the nose.
  • Wide or Low Nasal Bridge: If the bridge of the nose is too wide, too low or both too wide and too low, African American nose surgery may help an individual correct the issue.

A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon requires a high level of expertise to complete a successful African American rhinoplasty. Selecting an African American rhinoplasty specialist like Dr. Babak Azizzadeh ensures an individual can experience the benefits of an effective African American nose job

African American Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

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Dr. Azizzadeh's Approach to African American Nose Surgery

Dr. Azizzadeh is a Harvard-trained, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a practice located in Beverly Hills, CA. He is an African American rhinoplasty specialist and will offer extensive support before, during and after nose surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh also will track a patient’s progress after nose surgery to ensure this person can achieve his or her treatment goals.

What Should You Expect During an African American Nose Job Consultation?

During an initial African American nose job consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh will meet with an individual to discuss his or her treatment options. He will evaluate an individual’s facial appearance, learn about his or her medical background and find out whether this person is a viable candidate for African American rhinoplasty. Dr. Azizzadeh will also teach an individual about each step of an African American nose job, explain the recovery process and respond to a person’s concerns and questions.

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