Everything You Need to Know About How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Many facial plastic surgeons are available nationwide. And it can be difficult to distinguish one surgeon from another.

Ultimately, it pays to learn how to choose a plastic surgeon. That way, those who are considering cosmetic treatment options can find a surgeon who can perform an in-depth evaluation. From here, their surgeon can offer a personalized treatment recommendation to ensure their patient can accomplish their desired results.

For those who plan to undergo facial plastic surgery, hiring a board-certified surgeon is a must.

The Importance of Choosing a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

How to Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon That Meets or Exceeds Expectations

Choosing a facial plastic surgeon can be simple. Here are tips to help individuals select the right surgeon for their cosmetic treatment.

1. Learn About a Surgeon’s Approach and Style

Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with a facial plastic surgeon. This gives a patient an opportunity to learn about a surgeon’s approach and style.

The best facial plastic surgeons can provide before and after photos of past patients. In doing so, the surgeon can give people a glimpse into what they can achieve during a cosmetic treatment.

Also, the top facial plastic surgeons are upfront and honest about their approach and style. No question is too big or too small for these surgeons, either. So, people should feel comfortable sharing any facial plastic surgery questions. They can then gather insights to help them make an informed decision regarding facial plastic surgery.

2. Visit a Surgeon’s Treatment Center

Find out if a facial plastic surgeon administers treatment. Next, visit the treatment facility to get an up close look at what it has to offer.

Many cosmetic surgeries are performed outside of a hospital. Thus, it is beneficial to visit a treatment facility to ensure it follows strict quality and safety standards.

A credible cosmetic surgery treatment center is generally licensed by the state. It also may be certified by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAASF), or Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

3. Learn What Past Patients Are Saying About a Surgeon

Read a surgeon’s patient testimonials and reviews. Then, an individual can gain firsthand insights into what it is like to work with a surgeon.

Facial plastic surgery patient testimonials and reviews may be published on a surgeon’s website. They also can be found on RealSelf and other online sources. And Newsweek publishes an annual list of America’s best plastic surgeons, too.

Patient testimonials and reviews can help people see if a facial plastic surgeon can provide outstanding experiences. Therefore, if a surgeon receives a large number of negative reviews from patients who cite recurring problems, it may be worthwhile to look elsewhere for cosmetic treatment. On the other hand, if patients frequently rave about a surgeon’s commitment to excellence, it may be valuable to schedule a consultation with him or her.

4. Find a Facial Plastic Surgeon Who Fosters Trust

Seek out a facial plastic surgeon who instills confidence. This surgeon will do everything in their power to ensure a patient feels good about a cosmetic treatment. He or she can evaluate a patient to determine if he or she is a good candidate for one or more facial plastic surgeries. In some instances, the surgeon may find a patient qualifies for myriad surgical procedures. Conversely, the surgeon may recommend non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Regardless, the surgeon verifies that the patient receives insights into cosmetic treatment options, how they work, and their respective pros and cons. This allows a patient to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of treatment and determine the best course of action.

It is helpful to identify a facial plastic surgeon who is honest as well. The ideal facial plastic surgeon won’t pressure a patient to get cosmetic treatment. Instead, he or she works diligently on behalf of their patient to ensure this individual can achieve a balanced and natural-looking facial appearance. The surgeon devotes the time, energy, and resources necessary to evaluate their patient’s facial features. He or she reviews their patient’s medical history and determines if there are any preexisting health conditions that can disqualify this individual from certain cosmetic treatments. And if a patient decides to move forward with a cosmetic procedure, the surgeon goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the treatment is safe and effective.

Along with the aforementioned tips, look for a board-certified surgeon for cosmetic treatment. This ensures a patient can receive expert-level care and support.

What Does “Board-Certified” Mean?

Certifications are awarded to plastic surgeons who meet training requirements and pass surgery examinations. They come from several medical organizations, including:

    • American Board of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS)
    • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS)
    • American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)

Board certification is voluntary. If a facial plastic surgeon earns one or more certifications, however, it shows that he or she has met certain criteria that validates their industry expertise.

Criteria for Board Certification

Common criteria for board certification include:

    • Facial plastic surgery training after medical school
    • Plastic surgery residency training
    • Completion of written and oral exams
    • Completion of ongoing medical education
    • Facial plastic surgery performed at an accredited, licensed, or Medicare-certified surgical facility

It can be challenging to earn facial plastic surgery board certification. Surgeons who receive board certification show they are willing to do what it takes to advance their skill set and provide patients with superior care and support. This means patients who undergo a cosmetic treatment from a board-certified facial plastic surgeon are well-equipped to enhance their facial appearance without compromising their safety.

Reasons to Choose a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

There is a lot to like about partnering with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Key reasons why patients choose board-certified facial plastic surgeons include:

    • Specialized Training: Must complete a minimum of five years of facial plastic surgery training after medical school, along with plastic surgery residency training
    • Comprehensive Experience: Can perform surgery on the face, head and neck
    • Extensive Testing: Must pass rigorous written and oral exams to become certified
    • Continuous Learning: Required to engage in continuing education programs to maintain their certification
    • Patient Care and Safety: Committed to providing the highest levels of patient care and safety

There are no guarantees with cosmetic treatment performed by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Yet, this surgeon removes the guesswork from cosmetic treatment. And if individuals know how to vet board-certified facial plastic surgeons properly, they can find one that can fulfill their cosmetic treatment requests.

How to Verify a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Can Handle a Cosmetic Treatment Request

Here are tips to help individuals verify that a facial plastic surgeon has earned board certification and if he or she can perform their requested cosmetic treatment according to their specifications:

    • Visit the ABFPRS website to verify that a plastic surgeon is board-certified
    • Find out if the surgeon has received certifications from other medical organizations
    • Ask questions to learn about the surgeon’s approach to facial plastic surgery
    • Request to see before and after photos from procedures performed on past facial plastic surgery patients
    • Ensure facial plastic surgery is performed at an accredited, licensed, or Medicare-certified surgical facility

Board certification should be a key consideration when choosing a facial plastic surgeon. But, it is one of many factors to consider before undergoing a cosmetic treatment. By analyzing all aspects of cosmetic treatment options and the surgeons who offer them, an individual can decide if now is a good time to move forward with one or more facial rejuvenation procedures.

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