What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery can be performed for many reasons. To achieve the optimal results of a cosmetic procedure, it pays to learn about the benefits of plastic surgery in advance. Also, an individual should weigh the cons and pros of plastic surgery. Then, this individual can determine if the many advantages of plastic surgery align with their expectations. In this instance, the individual can move forward with a plastic surgery procedure that helps him or her enhance facial symmetry, correct facial blemishes, and more.

Why Plastic Surgery Is Good

The benefits of plastic surgery can be significant. But, it is important to note that not every cosmetic procedure is intended for every patient, every time.

To find out why plastic surgery is good for an individual, meet with a surgeon. Next, a surgeon can conduct an in-depth assessment to determine if a patient is a viable candidate for plastic surgery.

The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills, CA. These procedures are performed by Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. And they can offer many benefits, including:

1.  A Rejuvenated Facial Appearance

The natural aging process affects all people at different stages of their lives. There is nothing that can be done to stop the aging process; however, cosmetic procedures help people revitalize the facial appearance and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and other visible signs of aging in the face.

To better understand the impact of a cosmetic procedure on a patient’s facial appearance, consider Stacy Caprio, who recently dealt with acne scarring. As part of her efforts to improve her facial appearance, Caprio underwent microneedling, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the use of tiny needles.

With microneedling, tiny needles were used to accelerate the process to repair Caprio’s damaged facial skin. Microneedling helped stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin in Caprio’s facial skin, and ultimately, improved her skin texture. “I now feel much more comfortable in public and in harsh lighting,” Caprio says.

Microneedling is one of many cosmetic procedures used to enhance the facial appearance. Both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are available, and patients can learn about these procedures to determine if they qualify for one or more treatment options.

2. Improved Self-Esteem

An unbalanced facial appearance can lead to teasing and name-calling. It can also cause people to feel increasingly self-conscious about how they look. In severe cases, facial flaws may lead people to avoid social settings and feel bad about themselves.

A cosmetic procedure can help people simultaneously bolster their facial appearance and self-esteem. The results of a cosmetic procedure can be significant, and they allow patients to ensure that their cheeks, chin, and other facial features appear in perfect harmony with one another. At the same time, patients may feel better about their facial appearance after a cosmetic procedure, due to the fact that they were able to address facial flaws that may have otherwise made them feel inadequate.

There may be long-lasting effects of improved self-esteem following a cosmetic procedure as well. For instance, Jillene Luce was a behind-the-scenes pianist and studio music producer for 25 years. At age 47, Luce dreamed about what it would be like to step in front of an audience and sing. But, her boyfriend at the time told her she was “too old” to be in show business and to sing on stage.

Luce broke up with her boyfriend and underwent a mild facelift and upper and lower eyelid lift. Together, the cosmetic procedures gave Luce the fresh look and self-confidence boost she needed to sing professionally.

Following her cosmetic procedures, Luce launched a 12-year career as a lounge singer. Luce has performed in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia and “had a blast” along the way, she says. Yet, none of this may have been possible without her cosmetic treatments. “I’m sure my new fresh look (through the procedures) gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead with that bold move and make it happen,” Luce points out.

3. Enhanced Mental Health

In addition to low self-esteem, people who are dissatisfied with their facial appearance may be prone to anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues. By undergoing a cosmetic procedure, patients may take a step forward in their quest to address these mental health issues.

A cosmetic procedure won’t cure mental health issues, but it may help patients feel better about themselves than they did in the past. Since cosmetic procedures are available to treat cosmetic issues that impact the nose, eyes, cheeks, and other facial features, patients can undergo one or more treatments to improve their facial appearance. Meanwhile, after a cosmetic treatment is complete, a patient may experience immediate mental health benefits.

Patients who are satisfied with their facial appearance after a cosmetic procedure may be more likely to attend social gatherings with family members and friends — without fears or concerns about their facial appearance. They may also feel increasingly confident in themselves, which may lead them to make new friends, go on dates, and enjoy other social activities. Perhaps best of all, a cosmetic procedure may help patients feel comfortable in their own skin, which can go a long way toward achieving a meaningful and rewarding life.

4. Increased Physical Comfort

There may be times when a cosmetic procedure improves physical comfort. For example, if a patient experiences a broken nose, a rhinoplasty can be performed that both restores the nose function and improves the facial appearance. Or, if a patient is coping with droopy upper eyelids that make it difficult to see, an eyelid lift may be necessary to correct this issue.

For people who find it difficult to breathe through the nose or experience other forms of physical discomfort, a doctor’s consultation is paramount. At this time, a doctor can evaluate a patient and diagnose their issue. The doctor can also determine if one or more cosmetic procedures may be used to help the patient reduce or eliminate their physical discomfort.

In the event that a cosmetic procedure is recommended to help relieve a patient’s physical discomfort, Dr. Azizzadeh is available to provide assistance. Dr. Azizzadeh is Harvard-trained and dual board-certified, and he performs surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures tailored to his patients. With his holistic approach to cosmetic treatment, he ensures that each patient is fully supported throughout a procedure. He also works diligently to help his patients achieve their desired cosmetic treatment goals.

5. New Personal and Career Growth Opportunities

A cosmetic procedure may open the door to new personal and career opportunities — just ask Luce. She previously shied away from singing in front of an audience, but following her cosmetic procedures, was able to build a successful career as an international lounge singer.

Of course, Luce is one of many examples of patients who have benefited from cosmetic procedures to accelerate their personal or career growth. People who undergo a cosmetic procedure may quickly discover that they enjoy their facial appearance. They may then be more prone to pursue new opportunities that they may have ignored in the past. The result: these people may be better equipped than ever before to make their personal and career aspirations come true.

Is Plastic Surgery a Good Choice for You?

For those who are considering the benefits of plastic surgery, think carefully about the risks associated with cosmetic procedures as well.

Plastic surgery should only be performed by an expert surgeon. Otherwise, a patient can undergo a cosmetic procedure that endangers their health and wellbeing. The patient also risks subpar plastic surgery results.

Patients should receive an evaluation before they undergo plastic surgery, too. There may be instances in which a preexisting health condition can increase the risk of complications during a cosmetic procedure. In these instances, a surgeon may recommend non-surgical alternatives to help a patient accomplish their facial rejuvenation treatment results.

Factors to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Along with the cons and pros of plastic surgery, there are several other factors to consider before getting a cosmetic procedure. These include:

1. Cost

The cost of plastic surgery varies based on the surgeon performing the procedure, where the treatment is administered, and other factors. A surgeon can provide details about the cost of treatment during a consultation. This enables a patient to determine if a plastic surgery corresponds to their finances.

Some plastic surgeries are covered by insurance. For example, if a patient experiences a broken nose that hampers their ability to breathe, their insurance company may cover some or all of the treatment cost.

On the other hand, most cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance. But, financing may be available to help patients cover the upfront cost of a cosmetic procedure.

2. Recovery Time

It can take one to two years to see the full results of certain plastic surgeries. And patients need to plan ahead for all aspects of the recovery period.

A surgeon provides instructions to help a patient recover from a cosmetic procedure. The surgeon also monitors their patient’s progress in the weeks and months after treatment. If a patient has concerns or questions during their recovery, he or she can reach out to their surgeon for assistance, too.

3. Treatment Expectations

Plastic surgery patients should not expect immediate results. Rather, cosmetic surgery requires patients to establish realistic expectations from the get-go. This can help a patient maintain a positive outlook throughout their plastic surgery recovery. It allows a patient to understand how a cosmetic procedure can enhance their facial appearance as well.

It helps to learn as much as possible about plastic surgery. From here, an individual can explore myriad cosmetic treatment options for women and men.

What Cosmetic Procedures Available for Women and Men?

People who are considering a cosmetic procedure can meet with Dr. Azizzadeh to discuss their treatment options. Popular cosmetic procedures for women include facial fillers, nose jobs, and facelifts. Additionally, cosmetic procedures are available for men.

Ethan Reynolds is a 30-year-old man who began cosmetic treatment at age 24. To date, he has received Botox, lip fillers, and other cosmetic treatments. Reynolds also says he “loves” cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Azizzadeh offers cosmetic procedures for both women and men. Regardless of his patient’s gender, he customizes each treatment to his patient. This ensures that a patient receives personalized care and support and can maximize the results of treatment.

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