The Importance of Doing a Facelift and Neck Lift Together

On their own, a facelift and neck lift are great options to revitalize the appearance of the face, jawline, and neck. But, there may be instances when patients can benefit when both treatments are performed simultaneously.

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery understands the value of facelift and neck lift procedures. As a world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with many years of industry experience, Dr. Azizzadeh recognizes that a facelift or neck lift performed on its own may be insufficient for a patient. In these cases, Dr. Azizzadeh may craft a custom treatment plan that includes both a facelift and neck lift.

Why Should a Patient Consider a Face and Neck Life Procedure?

There are several reasons why a patient may consider a face and neck lift procedure. These include:

1. Improved Facial Harmony

Dr. Azizzadeh evaluates a patient before he offers a personalized facial rejuvenation treatment recommendation. The evaluation allows Dr. Azizzadeh to study a patient’s facial features and identify any visible signs of aging. It also enables Dr. Azizzadeh to learn about a patient’s medical history and find out why a facelift, neck lift, or other facial rejuvenation treatments are being considered.

A facelift reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging on the face and neck. Comparatively, a neck lift treats excess fat in the lower portion of the face, muscle banding in the neck, and other issues that hamper the appearance of the neck and jawline.

For patients who want to undergo treatment to address signs of aging that negatively affect the appearance of the face, neck, and jawline, a face and neck lift procedure can be beneficial. When performed by Dr. Azizzadeh, patients can undergo a procedure that improves facial harmony. As a result, patients can reap the benefits of an all-in-one procedure that enhances facial symmetry and results in a vibrant, youthful-looking facial appearance.

2. Cost Savings

Combining a facelift and neck lift can provide cost savings in comparison to complete each procedure individually. This is due to the fact that a patient will only need to go under the knife twice to get a consolidated facelift and neck lift.

Dr. Azizzadeh explains the costs associated with a facelift, neck lift, or any other cosmetic procedure before treatment is administered. In addition to searching for ways to provide patients with exceptional results, Dr. Azizzadeh wants to keep each procedure as affordable as possible. Therefore, if Dr. Azizzadeh believes a patient can benefit from a facelift and neck lift, he may recommend a combined procedure. This allows a patient to undergo a simultaneous facelift and neck lift and get the best return on their facial rejuvenation treatment investment.

3. Seamless Procedure

When a facelift and neck lift are combined, patients can undergo a procedure that is both fast and effective.

A typical facelift requires two to six hours to perform, depending on the extent of treatment. Meanwhile, a neck lift usually takes up to three hours to complete, based on the issues that affect the appearance of the neck and jawline.

Dr. Azizzadeh can perform a facelift and neck lift together that requires less time to complete than if he were to complete each procedure separately. Furthermore, the results of a facelift and neck lift will become visible within months of their procedure, particularly for patients who understand how to properly recover from treatment.

What to Expect During Recovery from a Facelift and Neck Lift

The recovery from a facelift and neck lift procedure takes several months to complete. Initially, a patient will have bandages in place around the face and neck to minimize swelling, along with small tubes near the ears. A patient may require assistance from a family member or friend for at least the first 24 hours after their procedure as well; this ensures that the patient can safely return home following treatment.

Dr. Azizzadeh provides instructions to ensure a patient is well-equipped to limit the risk of complications during facelift and neck lift recovery. Post-treatment instructions provided by Dr. Azizzadeh include avoiding:

  • Use of makeup immediately following treatment
  • Strenuous activity for at least a few weeks after treatment
  • Direct sun exposure to the incision site for at least three weeks after treatment; following this period, patients should apply sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher to protect the skin in this area

Dr. Azizzadeh also requests follow-up appointments to monitor his patient’s progress after a facelift and neck lift. If a patient experiences any pain or discomfort or has concerns or questions following treatment, Dr. Azizzadeh encourages him or her to reach out for assistance, too.

Is an Upper or Lower Face and Neck Lift Right for You?

A combined facelift and neck lift procedure can rejuvenate the appearance of the face, neck, and jawline, and it can deliver results that last 10 years or longer. However, the procedure is not intended for every patient. To determine if a facelift, neck lift, or both procedures can be beneficial, it is important to consult with Dr. Azizzadeh.

Dr. Azizzadeh can examine a patient and determine the best course of action to revitalize the facial appearance. If a patient is dealing with facial volume loss, facial expression lines, or other facial blemishes, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend a facelift. On the other hand, if a patient is coping with a double chin, droopy neck skin, or fatty jowls, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend a neck lift. If a patient is dealing with a combination of face, neck, and/or jawline issues, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend both a facelift and neck lift.

Meeting with Dr. Azizzadeh offers a learning opportunity for patients who are considering facelifts, neck lifts, and other facial rejuvenation treatments. To find out more about these procedures or to request a consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us today at 310-657-2203.

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