The Key to a Natural Nose [Infographic]

The nose is the central focal point of the face. Globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is committed to providing his rhinoplasty patients with naturally beautiful noses.


The Key to a Natural Nose

Facial symmetry is the key to a natural nose. To measure facial symmetry, an individual can create two points on the face: one at the halfway point between the eyebrows, and another at the base of the nose. Next, an individual can create a line through the point at the base of the nose; this line helps a person measure facial symmetry. However, it is important to note that nearly all faces are asymmetrical, and achieving a natural nose is virtually impossible without rhinoplasty surgery.

At The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh takes a holistic approach to nose surgery. He understands that a natural nose complements the cheeks, chin and other facial features. To achieve a natural nose, Dr. Azizzadeh tailors each rhinoplasty procedure to his patient. Then, Dr. Azizzadeh performs nose surgery and works with a patient throughout the recovery process to ensure that this individual achieves a nose that perfectly matches his or her facial features.

A Closer Look at Dr. Azizzadeh’s Holistic Approach to Rhinoplasty Surgery

The definition of a natural nose varies from person to person. In some instances, an individual can tolerate having a long nose. Or, in other cases, a person can tolerate having flaring nostrils or a nasal hump. Thanks to Dr. Azizzadeh and his holistic approach to rhinoplasty surgery, an individual can achieve a natural nose that won’t detract from his or her unique facial features.

Dr. Azizzadeh ultimately wants to create a nose that does not stand out. Instead, he wants each rhinoplasty patient to achieve a nose that naturally draws attention to the eyes, i.e. the focal point of an individual’s face.

Eye contact is a key tenet of effective and meaningful communication. If a rhinoplasty patient achieves a nose that complements the facial features, this individual should not expect people to look at his or her nose during conversations. Comparatively, a rhinoplasty patient should anticipate that friends, family members and others will look directly into his or her eyes during conversations – a surefire sign that he or she has achieved a natural nose.

Dr. Azizzadeh is board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery (otolaryngology). He understands that each rhinoplasty patient possesses distinct facial feature and performs a deep evaluation of a patient’s nose, eyes, cheeks and chin. This evaluation allows Dr. Azizzadeh to understand the complex underlying structures of the head and nose and ensure that each rhinoplasty patient can achieve the best-possible treatment results – all without putting a patient’s breathing function at risk.

Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh evaluates a nose surgery patient’s bone structure, lips and other facial features. He understands that all facial features need to be in balance with the nose to create facial harmony. Once Dr. Azizzadeh understands a patient’s facial features, he puts together a rhinoplasty surgery plan designed to deliver the perfect nose for this individual.

Dr. Azizzadeh may use open or closed incisions during rhinoplasty surgery, too. An open surgical approach involves modification of the nasal tip and middle portion of the nose, while a closed surgical approach requires alterations via the nostrils. Dr. Azizzadeh recommends an open or closed surgical approach based on the patient and his or her treatment needs, and he offers full details about rhinoplasty surgery to help an individual prepare for the procedure.

After an individual undergoes rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh works with him or her throughout the recovery process as well. Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments to ensure that a rhinoplasty patient’s recovery stays on course and he or she can achieve a natural nose. Best of all, if a patient has concerns or questions during the rhinoplasty recovery cycle, Dr. Azizzadeh is ready to respond to them.

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Rhinoplasty surgery does not guarantee that an individual will achieve a natural nose. For example, a rhinoplasty patient sometimes wants a nose that matches the nose of his or her favorite celebrity. Yet rhinoplasty surgery that results in a nose that is nearly identical to a celebrity’s nose won’t necessarily complement a patient’s facial features.

Dr. Azizzadeh is committed to helping each rhinoplasty surgery patient achieve a natural nose. He works directly with a patient to ensure that an individual can achieve a nose that matches his or her facial features, resulting in a balanced facial appearance. To learn more about Dr. Azizzadeh and his holistic approach to rhinoplasty surgery, please contact us today at 310-657-2203 to schedule a nose job consultation.

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