Nose and Chin Job: Why Does Rhinoplasty Go Hand-In-Hand With Chin Augmentation?

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are among the most-popular facial plastic surgery procedures. In some instances, a nose job and chin augmentation go hand-in-hand, and they can be performed at the same time to help a patient achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance.

How Do Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Procedures Work?

A rhinoplasty allows a patient to reshape their nose; or, a nose job is performed to improve the nasal function or correct nasal trauma. The benefits of a rhinoplasty procedure include:

    • Enhanced Facial Symmetry: Ensures the nose appears symmetrical relative to other facial features.
    • Correction of Nasal Issues: Improves nose size relative or corrects malformations of the nose.
    • Improved Breathing: Can be performed in conjunction with sinus surgery to alleviate breathing problems and chronic sinusitis.

Comparatively, chin augmentation involves placing a small implant in the front of the chin bone to increase the jawline’s length and enhance the jawline. Chin augmentation can be used to address one or more of the following issues:

    • Double chin
    • Fleshy neck
    • Prominent nose
    • Weak chin
    • Recessed chin
    • Pointed or squared chin

Patients sometimes undergo rhinoplasty and chin augmentation simultaneously to balance the facial profile. When performed together, rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery help a patient balance the size and shape of the nose and chin. Nose and chin job procedures also enable a patient to ensure the nose and chin appear proportional to the cheeks, eyebrows, and other facial features. That way, a patient can undergo both nose and chin augmentation surgeries to rejuvenate their facial appearance.

Additionally, patients who receive rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgeries at the same time often require only a single round of anesthesia. Since both procedures are performed simultaneously, one round of anesthesia may be used. In this instance, patients generally can avoid taking extra time off from work or other activities to accommodate a second recovery cycle, too.

Let’s not forget about the cost savings associated with undergoing multiple facial plastic surgeries at the same time, either. Combining rhinoplasty and chin augmentation into a single procedure means a patient may only be charged for a single round of anesthesia and one-time fees associated with a surgical facility. Thus, it may prove to be more cost-effective for a patient to undergo rhinoplasty and chin augmentation simultaneously than it would be to receive two separate procedures.

Which Is Better: Getting a Nose and Chin Job Individually or Together?

It can be tough to decide if it is better to get a nose and chin job separately or together. To make an informed decision about whether to proceed with rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or other facial rejuvenation treatments, meet with an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Babak Azizzadeh.

Dr. Azizzadeh recognizes the value of facial rejuvenation treatments. He recommends a nose and chin job only if he believes the treatment can help his patient revitalize their facial appearance.

Ultimately, Dr. Azizzadeh tailors his treatment recommendation to his patient, regardless of procedure. If Dr. Azizzadeh evaluates a patient and believes rhinoplasty and chin surgery as the best course of action, he can craft a treatment plan that encompasses both procedures.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Nose and Chin Job?

For people who are considering a nose or chin job or both procedures, it is essential to meet with Dr. Azizzadeh. As a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he understands the relationship between the nose, chin, and other facial features. As such, Dr. Azizzadeh closely reviews a patient’s facial features to find the best way to improve facial harmony. If he believes a patient will benefit from rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, he then crafts a personalized treatment plan for him or her. On the other hand, if Dr. Azizzadeh believes performing both procedures at the same time won’t deliver the desired results, he offers alternative treatment options.

Dr. Azizzadeh helps patients weigh the pros and cons of rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. He teaches his patients about all aspects of rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, including:

  • Preparation: Dr. Azizzadeh explains how a patient should prepare for rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures, as well as what this individual should expect on the day of surgery.
  • How Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Are Performed: Dr. Azizzadeh explains all surgical steps, along with potential risks associated with surgery.
  • Recovery: Dr. Azizzadeh discusses the recovery cycle, and he provides instructions to help his patients avoid post-surgery complications.

In certain instances, patients may benefit from non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty or chin augmentation or in lieu of these treatments. Popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures include:

  • Botox: Reduces facial wrinkles caused by overactive muscles.
  • Facial Fillers: Smooth out fine lines and creases in the face.

There is no ideal age for rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or other facial plastic surgeries as well. Conversely, Dr. Azizzadeh tailors each treatment to his patient. If a patient can benefit from a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or another facial plastic surgery, he will recommend the procedure, regardless of his patient’s age.

Is It Painful to Undergo a Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation at the Same Time?

Anesthesia can be administered before a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation to limit pain during treatment. Furthermore, a patient may be prescribed pain medication to take after their procedure.

Dr. Azizzadeh takes precautions to minimize pain during a nose job and chin augmentation. He offers guidance to help his patients prepare for all aspects of their procedure. Also, Dr. Azizzadeh explains the risks associated with rhinoplasty and chin augmentation before he administers treatment.

What Are the Risks Associated with Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation?

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure, and rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgeries are no exceptions. Common risks associated with nose and chin surgeries include:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Scarring
    • Swelling
    • Poor results

Dr. Azizzadeh does everything possible to limit the risk of complications for patients who undergo a rhinoplasty and/or chin augmentation. He won’t recommend a nose and chin procedure if he believes the risks of treatment outweigh its potential benefits.

How Long Does It Take to See the Full Results of a Nose Job and Chin Augmentation?

It may take one year or longer before the full results of a rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery become visible.

Typically, rhinoplasty surgery results become apparent within one to two years of treatment. Nose job patients should schedule regular follow-up appointments in the months following their procedure. These appointments allow patients to track the status of the rhinoplasty surgery results. They also enable patients to share any post-rhinoplasty concerns or questions with their surgeon.

The full results of a chin augmentation procedure can appear within three to four months of treatment. At this time, a patient’s post-surgery swelling will subside. The patient will likely have a chin that looks proportional to their cheeks, forehead, and other facial features.

In patients who undergo a nose job and chin augmentation, careful evaluation following treatment is key. Because, if an issue crops up over the course of a patient’s recovery, this problem must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, it can slow down the recovery period. Even worse, the problem can hamper a patient’s ability to achieve the optimal treatment results.

With proper support in the months after a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, a patient can enjoy long-lasting results. Although the natural aging process can alter a patient’s appearance over time, the results of a nose job and chin implant surgery are likely to remain intact for many years after treatment.

The Bottom Line on Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are complex procedures. Before undergoing either of these procedures, it is essential for an individual to analyze all of their facial rejuvenation treatment options. For example, if a patient knows what to expect from chin augmentation surgery, this individual can determine if the procedure aligns with their treatment goals. Furthermore, a patient who works with a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Azizzadeh could benefit from a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery for years to come.

Dr. Azizzadeh takes a holistic approach to rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. He helps patients evaluate their treatment options and provides personalized cosmetic surgery recommendations. Plus, he does everything possible to ensure his patients can achieve the best treatment results. If rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can be performed together to help a patient achieve a harmonious facial appearance, Dr. Azizzadeh will conduct both procedures at the same time.

People who are evaluating rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can meet with Dr. Azizzadeh to review their treatment options. To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please call us today at 310-657-2203.

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