Can a Patient Undergo Multiple Surgeries at Once?

Undergoing multiple plastic surgeries at once is becoming increasingly common. Plastic surgery patients want to achieve fast, effective results. And in some instances, the best way for plastic surgery patients to accomplish these results is undergoing multiple surgeries at the same time.

Perhaps it is easy to understand why an individual may consider receiving several plastic surgeries at once. The goal of plastic surgery is to help a patient achieve a beautiful, natural-looking facial appearance. By undergoing a combination of surgeries at the same time, a patient can quickly revitalize his or her facial appearance.

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles is board-certified in both head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is happy to meet with a patient and offer insights into different plastic surgery treatment options. Dr. Azizzadeh also helps patients analyze potential outcomes associated with undergoing multiple surgeries at once.

Why Should a Patient Get Multiple Cosmetic Procedures at the Same Time?

Perhaps the biggest benefit to undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time: patients only have to deal with a single recovery period. Following cosmetic treatment, Dr. Azizzadeh provides instructions, so a patient is well-equipped to avoid complications during their recovery. Once the recovery period is complete, a patient can enjoy a symmetrical, natural-looking facial appearance.

The cost of undergoing multiple surgeries simultaneously can be lower than the cost of getting each surgery separately, too. Dr. Azizzadeh outlines the cost of multiple surgeries before he performs treatment. He also explores ways to keep costs as low as possible for his patients, regardless of whether they get one or multiple surgeries.

How Many Plastic Surgeries Can Be Done at Once?

Patients can receive two to three plastic surgeries simultaneously. Yet, multiple surgeries should only be performed if they are deemed safe and beneficial to a patient.

Dr. Azizzadeh recognizes that there may be instances in which performing multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time is a viable option for patients. But, every patient is different, and a custom treatment plan is created to ensure he or she can realize the full benefits of multiple surgeries with minimal risk.

Is Undergoing Multiple Surgeries at Once Safe?

Many people require several surgical procedures to get the best results possible. But is it safe to undergo multiple plastic surgery procedures at once? As long as the individual is healthy, then yes it is safe to have multiple procedures all at the same time.

Dr. Azizzadeh sometimes recommends a plastic surgery patient undergo multiple procedures simultaneously so he or she can achieve a balanced facial appearance. He creates a custom treatment plan for a patient to ensure this individual can safely receive one or more facial plastic surgeries and accomplish his or her treatment goals.

Ultimately, determining whether to receive one or more facial plastic surgeries can be a difficult choice. If a person is looking to enhance the appearance of the eyes, neck or other aspects of the face, Dr. Azizzadeh will need to perform a comprehensive facial assessment. That way, Dr. Azizzadeh and a patient can work together to decide if one or multiple surgeries may be necessary.

What Are the Side Effects of Multiple Surgeries?

The possible side effects of multiple surgeries include:

  • Blood loss
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Poor results

Dr. Azizzadeh does everything in his power to limit post-treatment complications for patients who undergo one or multiple surgeries. He also provides tips and recommendations to help patients recover from surgery.

Dr. Azizzadeh’s Approach to Plastic Surgery

Dr. Azizzadeh is a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides his patients with personalized treatments. He takes a holistic approach to facial plastic surgery to ensure each patient can achieve the best-possible results.

During a patient evaluation, Dr. Azizzadeh will learn about an individual’s facial rejuvenation goals. He will examine a patient’s face using the Aging Arc, a state-of-the-art tool that visualizes a person’s facial appearance in terms of chronological age. Dr. Azizzadeh wants a patient’s facial appearance to fall within a positive range on the Aging Arc. If a patient falls within a negative range on the Aging Arc, facial plastic surgery may be used to help this individual achieve a more balanced and natural-looking facial appearance.

Dr. Azizzadeh will then discuss a wide range of treatment options with a patient. In some instances, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend a facelift, surgery that addresses loose skin, loss of collagen and volume loss in the face. Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend one of several non-surgical treatments, such as:

  • Botox: An injectable prescription that helps temporarily smooth fine lines, wrinkles and furrows caused by excessive muscle movements in the face
  • Dermal Fillers: Injectable medications that help fill in fine lines and creases in the face
  • Laser: Fractional laser resurfacing treatments restore the skin to it’s more youthful appearance by revitalizing the skin’s tone and texture

Dr. Azizzadeh also may suggest a facelift be performed in combination with one or more procedures, including:

  • Brow Lift: A face procedure that helps raise drooping eyebrows, minimize deep furrows and rejuvenate the eyes
  • Buccal Fat Pad Removal: Extra fat in the cheeks can make the face look round and contour-less. By removing this fat pad, the face has a more youthful shape.
  • Chin Augmentation: A chin procedure that requires the placement of a small implant in the front of the chin bone to increase and enhance the length of the jawline
  • Neck Lift: A neck procedure that is designed to restore and revitalize the appearance of the neck and throat

There are many benefits associated with simultaneously undergoing multiple facial plastic surgeries. First, a patient can save time, as this individual won’t have to worry about scheduling several facial plastic surgeries dates and recovery periods. Receiving two or more facial plastic surgeries at once also may be more cost-effective than undergoing one treatment after another.

The decision to receive multiple plastic surgeries at once varies depending on the patient. After Dr. Azizzadeh conducts a patient evaluation, he can determine if an individual is a viable candidate for one or more facial plastic surgeries.

Factors to Consider Before Undergoing Multiple Cosmetic Procedures

There are several factors that patients should assess before they undergo multiple cosmetic procedures, such as:

  • Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Goals: Patients should consider what they want to accomplish during a facial rejuvenation treatment; if they are exploring ways to enhance the appearance of the chin, cheeks, lips, and other facial features, they may want to pursue multiple procedures.
  • Cost: Patients should evaluate the cost of cosmetic procedures performed together and individually and determine which option is the most economical.
  • Risks: Patients should examine the risks associated with getting one or more procedures; if the risks associated with getting multiple procedures at once outweigh the benefits, patients should explore alternative treatment options.
  • Treatment and Recovery Time: Patients should learn how long it takes to perform multiple procedures and find out how long it will take before they see the full results.

Undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures can be advantageous, but the aforementioned factors should be closely evaluated before a patient makes their final decision regarding treatment. By meeting with Dr. Azizzadeh, a patient can receive a thorough evaluation and find out if he or she qualifies for multiple procedures. Dr. Azizzadeh can then tailor a treatment plan to the patient. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh can track his patient’s progress following multiple procedures and ensure the patient can accomplish their desired results.

How Long Should You Wait Between Surgeries?

The amount of time a patient should wait between surgeries varies, however, in most cases, Dr. Azizzadeh can do everything in one surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh conducts an in-depth patient evaluation prior to performing surgery. This enables Dr. Azizzadeh to analyze a patient, his or her medical history and other relevant information. He then crafts a personalized treatment plan that may include one or more surgeries. Dr. Azizzadeh also outlines a time frame to help a patient optimize his or her treatment results.

What Are the Side Effects of Anesthesia After Surgery?

Common side effects of anesthesia after surgery include:

  • Cold Chills: Anesthesia may cause a patient’s body temperature to drop, and an individual may experience cold chills and shivering immediately after surgery.
  • Dry Mouth: Patients sometimes feel parched due to anesthesia after surgery, but gradually sipping water often helps address this issue.
  • Muscle Aches: Anesthesia may result in muscle aches and soreness following surgery.
  • Dizziness: Patients may feel dizzy when they stand up for the first time after surgery, but drinking plenty of fluids following treatment helps alleviate this problem.
  • Nausea: Anesthesia sometimes induces nausea following surgery, but medications are available to help prevent or reduce postoperative nausea.

Anesthesia is generally safe, and the side effects of anesthesia after surgery are usually limited.

Can I Get a Nose Job and Facelift at the Same Time?

For an individual who is considering simultaneous rhinoplasty and facelift procedures, a consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh is key.

Dr. Azizzadeh’s goal is to help a patient achieve facial harmony. He understands changes to one area of the face can impact an individual’s overall facial appearance. Thus, performing a rhinoplasty and facelift at the same time may transform an individual’s facial appearance. .

With a patient consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh can review an individual’s facial features and tailor a custom facial rejuvenation treatment plan for him or her. This plan may include performing a nose job and facelift at the same time. It may include other plastic surgery procedures, too.

Dr. Azizzadeh also explains exactly what a patient should expect during a nose job, facelift or any other plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Azizzadeh wants a patient to understand how a plastic surgery procedure works and responds to his or her treatment concerns or questions. He therefore ensures that each patient can make an informed plastic surgery treatment decision.

Should I Get a Nose Job or a Facelift First?

Dr. Azizzadeh often performs a nose job and facelift at the same time. Initially, Dr. Azizzadeh creates a personalized treatment plan for a patient who wants to undergo a nose job and facelift. He then prepares a patient for all aspects of treatment.

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