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Teenage Rhinoplasty

For many teenagers, a nose that is too prominent or has a large hump is a source of discomfort. It may even lead to teasing and embarrassment, along with poor self-esteem.

Teen rhinoplasty enables an individual to enhance the appearance of the nose and ensure it is harmonious with the rest of the individual’s facial features. Our teenage patients are at very pivotal places in their lives and this procedure generally gives them a wonderful boost in self-confidence.

The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of teen rhinoplasty in the Beverly Hills area. Dr. Azizzadeh is Harvard-trained and possesses advanced rhinoplasty expertise and will ensure each patient can accomplish his or her aesthetic goals.

What Is Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Primary rhinoplasty is used to reshape the nose and restore the nasal function. Meanwhile, teenage rhinoplasty is a form of rhinoplasty surgery designed exclusively for teens.

Rhinoplasty surgery is becoming increasingly prevalent among American teenagers. The procedure is performed to enhance the nose and improve the facial appearance. It also is completed to fix structural defects of the nose, including a deviated septum or breathing issues.

Teenage rhinoplasty is complex and can have lasting positive effects on a teen. However, the decision to undergo rhinoplasty is life-changing for both a parent and child and, therefore, a parent and teen should work together to weigh the pros and cons prior to surgery.

Dr. Azizzadeh helps parents and teens take the guesswork out of rhinoplasty. He offers in-depth patient evaluations to address rhinoplasty concerns and questions. That way, he makes it easy for parents and teens to take an informed approach to rhinoplasty.

Ultimately, Dr. Azizzadeh takes a comprehensive approach to rhinoplasty, regardless of whether a treatment is administered to a man, woman, or teenager. He meets with patients and discusses rhinoplasty treatment options with them. Then, Dr. Azizzadeh offers personalized rhinoplasty treatment recommendations.

Are You a Candidate for Teen Rhinoplasty?

Teenage girls are eligible for rhinoplasty surgery as early as 15 or 16 years old, and teenage boys can undergo a rhinoplasty as early as 16 or 17 years old. A teen rhinoplasty procedure should not be performed until a patient has stopped growing, and it is only safe to perform surgery on a teenager’s nose after their nasal anatomy has fully developed.

With teen rhinoplasty, Dr. Azizzadeh’s goal is to help a patient achieve a nose that harmoniously complements his or her facial features. At the same time, Dr. Azizzadeh strives to provide each patient with a nose that is natural-looking. Thus, after Dr. Azizzadeh performs a rhinoplasty, a teen’s peers won’t be able to tell that he or she had a nose job.

Benefits of Teenage Rhinoplasty

The benefits of a teenage nose job include:

  • Helps correct a large nasal hump
  • Lifts a drooping nasal tip
  • Reduces wide nostrils
  • Improves nasal symmetry
  • Drives increased self-confidence
  • May help an individual improve his or her breathing (septoplasty)
  • Creates overall facial balance

Dr. Azizzadeh will outline the benefits of teenage rhinoplasty during an initial consultation. At this time, a patient can receive expert responses to his or her rhinoplasty questions as well.

Teenage Nose Job Considerations

There are many factors to consider before a teenager receives nose job surgery, including:

  • Age: Teen nose job surgery should not be performed until a patient has stopped growing. For girls, a rhinoplasty can be performed as early as 16 or 17 years old. Comparatively, for boys, a rhinoplasty procedure often is performed at 17 or 18 years old. Dr. Azizzadeh will evaluate each individual to determine if they are anatomically ready for the surgery.
  • Communication: It is essential for a teenager to understand how the rhinoplasty is performed, how long the recovery process takes, and what results can realistically be achieved prior to scheduling surgery. In addition to having a strong path of communication with a teen patient, Dr. Azizzadeh also emphasizes good communication with the parent(s) of the patient. It is vital that all parties involved receive all of the correct information about surgery with Dr. Azizzadeh. Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh teaches teenagers about teen plastic surgery and will maintain ongoing communication with teens and their parents throughout the treatment process.
  • Self-Confidence: A large or bumpy nose may impact a teen’s self-confidence. However, a nose job may help an individual correct this problem, resulting in increased self-confidence.
  • Time Frame: In most instances, the best time for a teenager to have nose surgery is during the summer. In many cases, teens choose to have their rhinoplasty during the summer after high school graduation and before a fall semester at college. This allows them plenty of time to heal before they start the exciting next stage of their lives!

Dr. Azizzadeh will meet with a patient to discuss teenage nose job considerations prior to treatment. By doing so, Dr. Azizzadeh will ensure an individual understands what to expect during and after a teen rhinoplasty.

Dr. Azizzadeh's Approach to Teen Rhinoplasty

Dr. Azizzadeh believes in a comprehensive approach to all surgeries – without exception. As such, he will allocate the necessary time and resources to assess an individual and determine whether he or she is a viable candidate for rhinoplasty.

During a rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh will look at an individual’s nose in combination with his or her facial features. He will also learn about a patient and why this individual is considering teen rhinoplasty.

Furthermore, Dr. Azizzadeh will provide in-depth assistance at each stage of a rhinoplasty treatment. He will help a teenager prepare before surgery and understand all aspects of the recovery process. That way, Dr. Azizzadeh will ensure a patient can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking nose for years to come.

How Much Does Teen Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of teen rhinoplasty may vary based on the plastic surgeon. During the consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh will discuss costs after his examination of the patient. Each rhinoplasty Dr. Azizzadeh performs is customized to the exact needs of the patient, and therefore the prices varies from one to the next.

Teen Rhinoplasty Recovery

Total recovery time for teenage rhinoplasty varies based on the patient. Dr. Azizzadeh outlines the teen rhinoplasty recovery process during an initial consultation. He helps teenage rhinoplasty patients establish realistic expectations for the recovery period and plan accordingly.

Teen rhinoplasty patients typically experience bruising and swelling around the eyes in the first week after treatment. In some instances, patients experience fatigue from anesthesia in the initial days following teen rhinoplasty surgery. Patients should rest for the first few days after surgery. They also should stay in an upright position as much as possible to limit swelling and speed up the healing process.

Patients generally see the full results of teen rhinoplasty surgery within two years. Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments to ensure teenage rhinoplasty patients enjoy a seamless recovery process.

Teen Rhinoplasty Before and After

What are past patients saying about Dr. Azizzadeh and the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery? To find out, please check out our rhinoplasty reviews.

Expectations Post-Rhinoplasty

A teenager’s recovery varies based on the patient. Fortunately, Dr. Azizzadeh helps a patient prepare for the recovery cycle and establish realistic expectations post-recovery.

Swelling and bruising are common in the initial days after a rhinoplasty procedure. Patients also may experience fatigue in the first few days after treatment.

Patients should stay in an upright position as much as possible in the first week after rhinoplasty surgery. Additionally, they will need to schedule regular appointments with Dr. Azizzadeh to ensure their recovery stays on track.

Teen Rhinoplasty Reviews

What are past patients saying about Dr. Azizzadeh and the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery? To find out, please check out our teen rhinoplasty reviews.

Teen Rhinoplasty FAQs

How old should a candidate for teenage rhinoplasty be?

Teenage girls may qualify for rhinoplasty surgery as early as 15 or 16 years old. Comparatively, teenage boys may be eligible for a rhinoplasty procedure as early as 16 or 17 years old. The most important thing is to make sure the nose is fully developed before surgery is performed.

Is parental consent required for teen rhinoplasty surgery?

If a teen is under the age of 18, he or she requires parental consent for rhinoplasty surgery.

What are the key factors for a teen to consider before rhinoplasty surgery?

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty surgery has far-flung effects on a teen. As such, it is important for a teen to consider all aspects of rhinoplasty surgery before making a final decision.

Some of the key factors to consider relative to teen rhinoplasty surgery include:

  • Age: The nasal anatomy must be fully developed before a teen is eligible for rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Expectations: Teens must account for the recovery process associated with rhinoplasty surgery, and ultimately, understand that the full results of treatment sometimes become visible years after surgery.
  • Peer Pressure: Pressure from friends and family members should not be the sole factor driving a teen toward rhinoplasty surgery; instead, a teen should consider why he or she wants rhinoplasty surgery and discuss the treatment with a parent.
Dr. Azizzadeh is happy to meet with a teen and his or her parent to provide insights into rhinoplasty surgery. With these insights in hand, a teen and his or her parent can weigh the pros and cons of rhinoplasty surgery.

How can a teen get ready for rhinoplasty surgery?

The pressure leading up to teen plastic surgery adds up quickly. Fortunately, Dr. Azizzadeh provides teens with detailed instructions to help patients prepare for rhinoplasty surgery. He also responds to a teen’s concerns or questions so he or she feels comfortable and confident on the day of surgery.

What activities will my teenager need to avoid post-surgery?

Most teens require at least a full week to recover following a rhinoplasty procedure. At this time, they should rest and avoid strenuous exercise or activities. Teen rhinoplasty patients usually can return to their normal physical activities within about three weeks of surgery. However, they should avoid contact sports like football and wrestling for at least six to eight weeks following treatment.

Can I get a nose job with braces?

Yes! A teenager with braces can still undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Having braces does not interfere with what needs to be done during the rhinoplasty surgery.

Can I wear glasses after rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Azizzadeh tells his teenage rhinoplasty patients not to wear glasses or sunglasses for 6 weeks following surgery.

Will classmates notice that your teenager had nose surgery?

It truly depends what the patient’s nose looks like before surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh strives to help a teen rhinoplasty patient achieve a beautiful and natural-looking nose. As such, a rhinoplasty patient’s nose will complement his or her facial features.

Is teen rhinoplasty surgery painful?

Dr. Azizzadeh allocates significant time and resources to minimize pain during teen rhinoplasty surgery. He crafts an in-depth treatment plan tailored to his patient, ensuring teen rhinoplasty is performed safely and effectively. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh works closely with his patient after a teen rhinoplasty is performed. This ensures Dr. Azizzadeh can monitor his patient’s post-surgery progress and help him or her minimize pain.

How long does it take for a nose job to heal?

The full results of a teen nose surgery usually become fully visible within about two years. Initial healing takes three to six weeks. Dr. Azizzadeh requests regular follow-up appointments to ensure the nose heals properly and a patient can achieve the best possible results.

When is the best time for me to schedule a nose job?

The best time to schedule teen rhinoplasty may be during summer vacation. For instance, a high school graduate can undergo a summer rhinoplasty and improve his or her facial appearance before the start of his or her freshman year of college.

What are the potential side effects of nose surgery?

Like any surgery, there may be side effects associated with a teen rhinoplasty. Possible side effects of teen rhinoplasty include:

  • Recurring nosebleeds
  • Numbness in or around the nose
  • Nose pain or swelling
  • Scarring

Dr. Azizzadeh discusses teen rhinoplasty surgery risks with his patient prior to treatment. He also works diligently to minimize risk during a teen rhinoplasty procedure.

Can a teenage rhinoplasty help a patient achieve a nose that matches his or her favorite celebrity’s?

There is a myth that rhinoplasty allows an individual to reshape his or her nose to match that of a celebrity’s. However, this myth is false.

Teen rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that involves reshaping the nose so it naturally complements the cheeks, chin, eyes and other facial features. As such, the surgery is not intended to help a teen achieve a nose that resembles the nose of his or her favorite celebrity.

Can any plastic surgeon perform a teen rhinoplasty procedure?

Teen rhinoplasty is a specialized surgical procedure, and it must be performed by a highly trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Dr. Azizzadeh is a Harvard-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with many years of teen rhinoplasty surgery experience. He is also dual-certified in head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. With his unique expertise, Dr. Azizzadeh performs teen rhinoplasty procedures that help patients achieve their desired results.

Is a consultation required prior to teen rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Azizzadeh requires a teen and his or her parents to meet with him before he performs rhinoplasty surgery. The consultation is a valuable opportunity for Dr. Azizzadeh, a teen and his or her parents. In fact, the consultation enables all parties to learn from one another and determine if rhinoplasty surgery is the best treatment option for a teen.

A teen rhinoplasty surgery consultation allows Dr. Azizzadeh to find out why a teen is considering nose surgery, as well as examine his or her facial features and medical history. If Dr. Azizzadeh determines a teen is a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery, he then discusses the procedure and its recovery process. If a teen and his or her parents ultimately decide to pursue rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh next crafts a custom surgical plan for his patient.

How long does it take to perform a teen nose job?

A teen nose job usually requires several hours to perform. Dr. Azizzadeh explains how long he expects it will take to perform a teen rhinoplasty before the procedure is completed.

When should a teen expect to see the full results of rhinoplasty surgery?

For teens, post-rhinoplasty swelling generally disappears within about three months of surgery. But it may take one year or longer before a teen sees the full results of rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Azizzadeh tracks a teen’s progress after a rhinoplasty procedure. This allows Dr. Azizzadeh to identify any potential teen rhinoplasty recovery issues and address them before they get out of hand.

Why do teens have to wait until a certain age before they can undergo nose surgery?

The sinuses grow during adolescence, and they enlarge the face. As the sinuses grow, the jaw grows, and the nose grows and changes shape. Thus, a teen who undergoes a rhinoplasty too early risks facial development problems.

How often are follow-up appointments scheduled with Dr. Azizzadeh after a teen rhinoplasty?

Dr. Azizzadeh requests multiple rhinoplasty follow-up appointments in the seven to 10 days after a teen nose job. These appointments allow Dr. Azizzadeh to analyze a patient’s facial appearance and ensure the patient’s recovery is on track. After the initial appointments, Dr. Azizzadeh conducts follow-up appointments approximately every three months for the first year after nose surgery. If a patient experiences any complications, Dr. Azizzadeh can meet with the patient and discuss these issues at any point during the recovery process.

Are the results of teen plastic surgery guaranteed?

It is impossible to guarantee the results of a teen nose job. But, Dr. Azizzadeh does everything possible to limit the risk of surgical complications and ensure a teen achieves the optimal results during treatment. Dr. Azizzadeh works closely with his patient and crafts a personalized treatment plan for rhinoplasty surgery. He also carefully performs teen rhinoplasty surgery and tracks his patient’s recovery in the weeks and months after treatment.

What happens if a patient is not satisfied with the results of a teen rhinoplasty?

Dr. Azizzadeh wants his patients to be satisfied with the results of a teen nose job. If a teen rhinoplasty does not help a patient achieve a functional nose and facial appearance in which the facial features complement one another, he can explore other treatments. In this scenario, a patient may be eligible to undergo a revision nose job or other facial rejuvenation treatments, but only if Dr. Azizzadeh deems them to be safe and effective options.

As a parent, should I allow my teen to get a rhinoplasty?

For parents, it can sometimes be tough to determine if rhinoplasty is the right choice for a teen. By meeting with Dr. Azizzadeh, both a parent and a teen can learn about rhinoplasty surgery. The meeting enables a parent and teen to discuss their rhinoplasty surgery concerns and get answers to any treatment questions. Then, a parent and teen can work together to determine if teen rhinoplasty is ideal.

Should a teen get a rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is a life-changing decision, and the choice to undergo nose surgery should not be taken lightly. For teens, it is crucial to weigh the short- and long-term ramifications of nose surgery prior to treatment. By meeting with Dr. Azizzadeh, a teen and his or her parents can do just that.

Dr. Azizzadeh understands all aspects of teen rhinoplasty, and he outlines the treatment in-detail for parents and teens. He helps teen rhinoplasty patients set realistic expectations for treatment. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh offers insights to help teens and their parents make the best-possible decision regarding treatment.

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Are You Considering a Teen Nose Job?

Overall, teen plastic surgery is on the rise. As a result, more and more teens are considering teenage rhinoplasty, also known as a teen nose job. Teens consider teenage rhinoplasty for the same reasons as adults—appearance and/or function of the nose. But teens often have an additional struggle, teasing, jokes, and even bullying, which may result in self-consciousness and embarrassment about their nose. Keep in mind that rhinoplasty should not be carried out until the physical growth of a teen has ceased (16 to 17 for females and 17 to 18 for males). Teen rhinoplasty, which is geared toward the special needs of this population, has the potential to transform and provide a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Teen Rhinoplasty: How a Teen Knows Best

The teenage years represent a very vulnerable and tumultuous period of life. During this time, many teens may become self-conscious about their appearance, and the nose may become the focal point of shame or embarrassment. This results in contemplation of teenage rhinoplasty, a subset of nose surgery dedicated to the special needs of this age group. Not every teen is a candidate for teen rhinoplasty, but those who are serious and do their research will reap the benefits not only of increased attractiveness but also of increased self-assurance. The following blog is a testimonial to the life-altering effects of teenage rhinoplasty.

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Congrats! You are now a high school graduate. You have the summer to get ready for college, but you are concerned about your nose, as it has been the bane of your existence the last 4 years. You should consider teenage rhinoplasty, also known as a teen nose job, to correct any flaws in form or function. After all, most of the new friends you make in college will have no idea you had a teenage nose job (unless you tell them), and, therefore, have no preconceived notions about your nose. Most of all, you can say goodbye to your “selfie awareness” after teen rhinoplasty.

Advantages of a Summertime Teenage Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic facial surgeries, and it’s no different for the teenage population. Many teens choose to pursue teen rhinoplasty, also known as a teenage nose job,for the same reasons that adults pursue rhinoplasty—improvement in form and/or function.On a seasonal note, summer usually represents the perfect time to pursue a teen nose job.For many teens, summer is a relaxed time consisting of school vacation, perhaps family vacations, and, for some, the period before the start of their college careers.Imagine living your life publicly, taking pictures (lots of selfies), and engaging in everyday life without worrying about your nose, because you had teenage rhinoplasty.

Answering Your Questions About a Teen Nose Job

The teenage years are very pivotal in our development. During this time, some teens become self-conscious about their bodies, especially their nose. Are you contemplating a teen nose job, also known as teenage rhinoplasty? Overall, rhinoplasty is a constant second among all cosmetic surgical procedures performed, only trailing breast augmentation. Interestingly, the numbers for teen plastic surgery, including teen rhinoplasty, are on the rise and will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. Who is a prime candidate for teenage rhinoplasty? How is the recovery from a teen nose job? Your teenage rhinoplasty specialist should be able to answer these questions and more.

Get Ready to Discuss a Nose Job with Your Parents

For teenagers who are considering rhinoplasty surgery, there is no need to work alone. Parents offer an unprecedented support system, and they are happy to assist their kids in any way possible. If a teen is weighing the advantages and disadvantages of nose surgery, it often helps to consult with his or her parents. That way, a teen can share any nose job concerns with his or her parents. Plus, if a teen and his or her parents find common ground relative to nose surgery, they can then schedule an appointment with Dr. Azizzadeh to learn more about this procedure.

What to Consider When Choosing a Teenage Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Not all facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons possess the same education, training and skills. As such, it is important to conduct comprehensive research to find a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands the ins and outs of teenage rhinoplasty surgery. A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who possesses in-depth knowledge of the head and neck and related structures likely knows exactly what it takes to perform a successful teen rhinoplasty. Additionally, this surgeon will take a personalized approach to a teen nose job and ensure that a patient can achieve a nose that perfectly complements his or her facial features.

Nervous About a Teen Nose Job? Here Are Tips to Help You Remain Calm

The stress leading up to a teen rhinoplasty surgery may seem overwhelming at times. For those who are concerned about teen rhinoplasty surgery, meeting with an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon is ideal. This surgeon can teach a patient everything he or she needs to know about a teen rhinoplasty procedure. And remember, a teen rhinoplasty is designed to help a patient achieve a beautiful and natural-looking nose. By focusing on the end results, a teen rhinoplasty patient may be better equipped than ever before to maintain a positive outlook throughout treatment.

Teen Rhinoplasty Stitches: Here’s What You Need to Know

Teen rhinoplasty patients must care for their stitches after treatment. Fortunately, teen rhinoplasty stitch care and maintenance can be easy. Teen rhinoplasty patients need to keep their stitches clean and dry for the first few days following surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh provides instructions to help teen rhinoplasty patients avoid potential stitch care and maintenance issues. He is also available to respond to a teen rhinoplasty patient’s stitch care and maintenance concerns and questions after surgery.

Achieve a Natural-Looking Nose Thanks to a Teen Rhinoplasty

A teen rhinoplasty helps an individual achieve a balanced, natural-looking nose that complements his or her facial features. Yet facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons sometimes take different approaches to teen nose jobs, and as such, treatment results may vary. Dr. Azizzadeh is a globally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands the intricacies of teen nose surgery. He takes a holistic approach to teen rhinoplasty and performs a full evaluation of a patient prior to treatment. With this approach, Dr. Azizzadeh can craft a personalized teen rhinoplasty treatment plan designed to help a patient achieve a beautiful nose.


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